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The Benefits Of Triple Glazing

from EcoChoice, Kent

Triple glazing offers vastly superior protection against heat loss and improved noise reduction.

Our system is fitted with a sealed, 36mm triple glazed unit, providing exceptional energy & sound insulation and security

Superior Energy Efficiency, Sound Insulation and Security

The energy efficiency (the protection against heat loss) of double, secondary and triple glazing is demonstrated by its “U value”. The lower the U value, the better the insulation.

Our triple glazed windows have an incredible U value of 1.0 as standard, compared with a value of 1.6 for a window with an energy rating of “C” and 1.4 for a window with an energy rating of “A”

Image showing the u-value chart of our double glazing

Image depicting heat escaping from radiators that are placed under inefficient windows

Radiators are nearly always positioned directly below a window, so it makes sense to strongly consider the insulation performance of that window.

The triple glazed window systems installed by EcoChoice use multiple chambers to lock in heat and high performing seals ensure that there are no gaps through which heat can escape, saving more of the energy that you pay for.

EcoChoice’s range of triple glazing offers improved noise reduction, with our standard specification achieving a superb decibel rating of 32.

The internal security bead is exclusively used for triple glazing and was designed on this basis. This means the glass is securely and safely retained giving you peace of mind.

A triple glazed window has three panes of glass, providing an extra security barrier to protect your property. There is an upgrade option available of a toughened middle pane.

The system even has a uniquely designed glazing support feature, ensuring the sealed unit is correctly positioned within the opening and that the glass cannot slip because all three panes are supported. This also enables rainwater to correctly drain away and guarantees long term operational benefits by reducing the likelihood of a sealed unit breaking down when the sealant warms up in hotter temperatures.

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